On Chain

We believe that good game is to make way for the user to win each other. We offer win-to-earn and play-to-earn for all the player to enjoy our games.


This platform will offers up to 3 mini games where user can fight each other through variety of games. Our battleground platform are win-to-earn and play-to-earn.


  1. You can win the game by the end of the round to win the prize

  2. You can be the last one who play the game to earn the prize (50% of the commission rate)

  3. If you are the only one person who play the game, your money will be refunded

1. Card Game

This game is a 12 card that user can place their choice to and by the time end those card who got pick less will earn 10 times of their original amount that their place on the number.

2. Raffle Game

This game will list of ticket that player can invest in and once the timer go off the one who buy most of the ticket has more percentage of win the game.

3. Coming Soon

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