Business Model

We look and research on several ways to make sure that our business can survive on market since we didn't plan to ghost this project. We conclude that we will have 2 ways one that use our token and one that use fiat currency (USDT/USDC).


We divide our games into 2 types on and off chains. On chain we will use $ARC since people will mistake $BONK with other project. Our project will be on OpBNB because the gas fees from Binance is the cheapest fees and we don't want our lovely player suffer from that.

As for off chain games user can exchange it back to fiat currency (USDT/USDC you name it) since we believe that it also offer some sort of security to our player who want to rely on game to earn and don't want to risk with fluctuations of our asset.


We believe that we have to contribute something back to community that raise us so we will have many forms of giveaways to players and investors as much as we could. This funds will also show in the website of our list as well.

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