Why Game-Fi ?

In this current society we see a lot of game that take full advantages from their player. We believe that game should be enjoy and profit can be made.

Who run BONK

BONK profit is being share on HERE while people can participate voting HERE

How do I participate

BONK is in the beta testing stage. Please follow our Twitter and Discord for more information.

Will we make DeFi 2.0?

Yes! We will offer DeFi platform as well since that is one of our milestone. However, we want to make sure that our tokenomic must be fully function in long run.

Why does it take so long for this project?

We change a lot of direction because of how shallow of our understanding about crypto market and process to make game. In addition, this project has 1 person who responsible for everything from ideas to marketing.

Will this project has airdrop?

Definitely! We will have air drops and giveaways events every time that we release new games!

How can we trust you?

That is very good question and I will publish all of our profit and link to website including those for marketing, cashflow and etc. We try to make it as transparent as possible.

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