BONK Model

After we talk about Game Theory and understand its fundamentals of it.

Is there any issue with it?

The answer is yes. We strongly believe that as long as we cannot make a good ecosystem we cannot guarantee that this model is 100% work.

How can we fix this?

One of the solutions is to find a way for users to spend BONK and we introduce arcade games. Users can download games and connect their wallets to spend and earn some rewards from our games.

How can we manage profit?

We will push 75% of our revenue to the stake pool. In this way, we strongly believe that we can increase the overall value of BONK and we can continue to make use of 25% to fund our projects and development.

How can we make this transparent?

We do care about transparency and want this to be as much as possible so we will release a mobile application on android and iOS and then publish it for users to download and keep track of our progress.